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Food & Drink in Exmoor

Truly local and truly scrumptious

Many Exmoor accommodation providers specialise in using fresh local produce. Have a look at the Food Leaflet (pdf, 3.3MB) for lots of local producers covering a wide choice of delicious food in Exmoor and The Quantocks.

With reputations built on the quality and freshness of their menus many hosts can tell you where the food was sourced or, in some cases, just point to the farm!

The relationship between local food producers and retailers helps sustain and protect the area’s exceptional environment.

Native cattle and sheep have a unique flavour from grazing the wild upland herbs and grasses. Livestock is often born wild and lives free – so most food miles are gained on the hoof!

The west country is famed for its dairy produce which makes delicious cheeses, mouth-watering ice creams and world-famous cream teas.

Pheasant, rabbit, venison and other game delights are part and parcel of local country life – treat yourself to a taste of the wild west!

Trout can be caught from Exmoor’s rivers in the morning and on the plate by lunchtime. Fish and seafood from our shores make fantastic fresh suppers.

Exmoor local produce



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